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Black Girls Travel Too! is the essential guide that takes you step by step through the traveling process from searching for flights to booking that room all with the budget conscious sister in mind. Kat & Amber, two sistas who eat the world one bite at a time share their travel tested steps and share tips that work for all.

E-Book ONLY   $1.99

Six Steps is the essential guide is the answer to all your questions regarding the first steps for travel: from planning to packing, and budgeting to bargaining, it’s all here.

E-BOOK ONLY - $1.99

Six Steps that teach you step-by-step what you need to know to travel the world on a budget! Tired of sitting in front of your computer dreaming of traveling? Want to see the world before life settles you down or shake up your settled down life? 

E-BOOK ONLY - $1.99